Recommended Books

Book Resources

For Children:

Petsel LPC, FT, RN, Barbara, . Remembering Grandma’s Hugs (2014) Embers4Growth Publishing – Plano, TX
(An illustrated book to be read with the family to celebrate memories.)

Brown, Laurie Krasney, and Brown, Marc. When Dinosaurs Die. (1996) NY: Little, Brown & Co.
(A cartoon format introduces young children to issues of death and loss.)

Fitzpatrick, Daniel. When Your Parent Dies (Elf Self Help). (2009).

Fox, M. Tough Boris (1994). NY: Harcourt Brace & Co.
(Cute story of a pirate whose parrot dies and his crew does not know how to respond)

Goldman, Linda and Goldman, Jonathan. Bart Speaks Out: Breaking the Silence on Suicide. (1998). L.A.: Western Psychological Services.

Mundy, Michaelene. What Happens When Someone Dies? A Child’s Guide to Deaths and Funerals. (2009) St Meinrad, IN:Abbey Press.

Numeroff, Laura, and Harphram, Wendy. The Hope Tree: Kids Talk About Breast Cancer. (1999). NY: Simon & Schuster.

O’Toole, Donna. Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope. (1998). Burnsville, N.C.: Celo Press.

Powell, E. S. Geranium Morning. (1990). Minneapolis: Carol Rhoda Books.
(Two young children—Timothy, whose father died suddenly in an accident, and Frannie, whose mother is dying—struggle with strong feelings, memories, guilt (“if onlys”), and some unhelpful adult actions. In sharing their losses, the children help each other; Frannie’s father and her mother (before she dies) also are helpful.).

Ryan, Victoria. When Your Grandparent Dies: A Child’s Guide to Good Grief (Elf-Help Books for Kids).

* Viorst, Judith. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney. (1971) NY:Atheneum.
When a pet cat dies, a boy tries to think of ten good things to say about Barney at the funeral. At first, he can only think of nine things until he argues with a friend about whether or not cats go to heaven. Out in the garden, he realizes the tenth good thing is that “Barney is in the ground and he’s helping grow flowers.”

Weir, Audrey Bernheimer. Am I Still A Big Sister? (1992) Newtown, PA: Fallen Leaf Press.
(For the pre-school child after the death of a baby sibling.)

For Teens:

Fitzgerald, H. The Grieving Teen: A Guide for Teenagers and their Friends. (2000). NY: Fireside.

Hughes, Lynne. You are Not Alone: Teens Talk about Life after loss of a Parent. (2005). NY: Scholastic Press. ***(One of my favorite books for teens- Lynne interviews teens at a grief camp about what it is like to lose a parent-it helps normalize so many feelings for teens!)

Fitzgerald, Helen. The Mourning Handbook: A Complete Guide for the Bereaved. (1994) NY: Simon & Schuster.

For Adults:

Fitzgerald, H. The Grieving Child-A Parent’s Handbook. (1992) NY: Fireside.

Grollman, E. A. Talking about Death: A Dialogue between Parent and Child (1990). 3rd ed.). Boston: Beacon.
(Principles for helping children; a passage to be read with a child; guidelines for responding to questions that might arise from the read-along section; and a list of helpful resources.)

Harphram, Wendy. When a Parent Has Cancer, A Guide to Caring for your Children. (1997). NY: Harper-Collins.

Malchiodi , Cathy A & Roldan, Mia. Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children.(2008). NY: Guilford Press.

Rauch, Paula and Muriel, Anna. Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child When a Parent is Sick. (2006). NY: McGraw Hill.

Requarth, Margo. After a Parent’s Suicide: Helping Children Heal. (2006). Sebastopol, CA: Healing Hearts Press.

Schafer, D. & Lyons, C. How Do We Tell the Children? (2001) NY: Newmarket Press.

Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff. The Bereaved Parent. (1977). New York: Crown Publishers.

Siegfried, Cynthia. Cancer Journey: A Caregiver’s View from the Passenger Seat. (2010) Enumclaw, WA:Pleasant Word. (Faith related)

Trozzi, M. Talking With Children About Loss. (1999) NY; Berkley Publishing Group.

Wolfelt, Alan. ***Any of his many books on grief (examples – The Wilderness of Grief: Finding your way, Understanding Grief: Helping Yourself Heal, Healing Your Grieving Heat: 100 practical Ideas, A Child’s View of Grief, Healing A Teen’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas, etc. )

Worden, J. William. Grief Counseling And Grief Therapy. (2009) New York: Springer Publishing Co.

Zionts, Judy and Roldan, Mia. Voices of Strength Sons and Daughters of Suicide Speak Out. (2009). NJ: New Horizons Press.