Experience your TRAN-STORM-ATION!

Facing The Storm

We live in an avoidant culture in which we frequently are told to “get over it, move on, and forget it.” However, the initial step in getting through a ”life-storm” is seeing it for what it is. This can be difficult. Barbara Petsel, Licensed Professional Counselor, is committed to listening, so that you feel safe and comfortable in whatever you need to express. As you share your stories and perspectives, you will come to understand more clearly the “storm” you are facing and will be able to navigate the “rough waters” toward a better future.

Find your “life-navigation” skills and direction

Families, friends and co-workers, out of their discomfort, inexperience or unhealed losses, do not know what to say or how to respond to emotional pain. Although well-meaning, they are often unable to offer the understanding, compassion and support that you need. At Healing Transitions Counseling, Barbara is here to support and help you gain tools, insight, and personal awareness. Therefore, you are able to use the stormy winds to fill your sails. Instead of being painfully tossed from wave to wave, you will have gained your personal compass and life navigation skills, so you can confidently sail toward your chosen direction.

Anchor, grow and enjoy your life

The deepest levels of self-knowledge and self-awareness can facilitate increased choices and a greater sense of inner peace. When you are going through a difficult transition and feel confused, alone or pained and wish to change, Barbara considers it a privilege to join you on your journey of self-exploration. Anchored with the new knowledge of your strengths, you can grow from your experience, instead of merely “weathering” the storm. The journey can be enjoyed, and you can be “tran-stormed.”